My good friend Bob Rivers over at KJR FM 95.7 he is undoubtedly one of the all-time great radio icons in the Northwest. So when he calls I’m happy to run down and besides, it’s fun. For years he has been trying to get me to come and sing with his band, Spike & the Impalers at one of their many gigs.  I usually say to him, “Well, let me give it some thought.” Which he now knows means maybe. So on my latest visit he and the boys ask me if I would consider doing a slow jam of the weather à la Jimmy Fallon. Believe me I am no Barry White. But this sounded pretty innocuous so I said all right let’s give it a try. The following is my slow jam, which was completely ad lib. And sometimes sounds like it. But we did have a pretty good laugh so here you go check it out

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