“Hey Steve, I didn’t know you had a comedy troupe!” said a friend to mine on the phone. To which I replied, “What are you talking about?”  ‘Ha Ha “ he says. “No seriously, it’s all over Facebook and YouTube!” So I Googled Steve Pool Comedy and lo and behold, there they were.

So while I am thinking about what it all means and if I should intervene in some way, I get a call from a columnist at the Seattle Times and he informs me that he has written an article about the group. I thought, that would save me some time to figure out who these kids really are.

You can find the full article below, but suffice to say I ended up having a very nice conversation with the leader of the group and  I decided I would actually go see them in action. In fact I hid out in the back of the comedy club and kind of ‘photo bombed’ them right at the end of their performance.

Needless to say it was a huge surprise because only the leader of the troupe and the columnist knew I was coming. So we all stood together on the stage and had a good time. I did have one major request as a final thought before I left. I told them they were pretty funny but if you’re going to use my name, please don’t do or say anything that would embarrass me or yourselves. Otherwise have fun.

You can see the article  and one of their promo videos below.

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