chair  upHas this ever happened to you ? You come in to work and  go over to your chair.  You know, the one  you have carefully adjusted to fit your rear end and the proper height for your desk. Then much to your chagrin, you find out that someone has changed all of your settings and the chair is much lower than you expected.  Not to mention the tilt etc.

Not only is that annoying it can be downright dangerous. I happen to believe that there is something akin to radar that resides either in your backbone or your butt that remembers the height at which your rear end should no longer be falling.  If you have not come to rest at the proper height, you panic. You just know you’re going to fall all the way to the floor and sit there looking like an idiot with a bruised tailbone.

That’s not the way anyone wants to begin his or her workday. I consider this a matter of trust and if you can’t trust your chair… your carefully calibrated chair, then what can you trust in this world.

I’m on the lookout for whoever may have adjusted my chair. And when I find out who they are, they too will experience that brief moment of panic as their rear end heads for the floor. That’s only fair, right!?“  Now if only I could find out what happened to my stapler.

“I’m just saying’”



  1. Mari Jo Fraser

    Tape an air horn under their chair and when they sit down it’ll blow and scare the crap outta them!

  2. Liz Nelson

    My daughter lowers my chair every time she uses my computer. I end up almost on the floor. I feel your pain.

  3. Delores Kirkwood

    Oh, Steve, you are soooo right. And you have spelled it out so eloquently, too. This is akin to the power of mothers having eyes on the second floor and yelling up to their child, “Stop messing with the (fill in the blank)” and hearing “How did you know I was …. !!!”

    Look forward to more of your muses. 🙂

  4. Lacey

    I happen to know of a perfect chair for you. Don’t blame the folks around you- find a chair that doesn’t have the knobs and levers and is advanced to move with your body. After all, nobody has been trained on how to find the perfect setting for their body.

  5. Newest brain trust

    I plead the fifth.

  6. Kathy Seals

    yup. mine gets used for evening meetings etc. so its a daily routine…put down coffee, look at chair before sitting, adjust, begin day. Sometimes I forget and that is always the time the last user was apparently only 4 feet tall. certainly gets the adrenalin going…

  7. denise M

    So true, and annoying !

  8. Heidi

    I listen to KFI in Los Angeles and there is a lady, Michelle the Producer who everyone makes fun of her. Especially Bill Handel. Quite a bunch. Well she has a blog too on KFI’s website (Michelle the Producer) went off on her work-mates because her chair was moved, her favorite pen was stolen and her earphones had been used, It was very very funny. I also was a legal secretary for some 30 years and I hated it when people messed with ANYTHING on my desk!!

  9. Monicap

    That’s just inexusable…. people using your chair, and playing with the settings… call out the FBT to solve this crime!!!! I love your comment about your but not falling below a certain point… that’s awesome!!!

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