weekend getawaysIndeed for me climbing the ladder was the process and growing up. Obviously most people know only about me doing weather. But there were many steps along the way before that happened. I wrote news copy for others to read. I did general assignment reporting, feature reporting, produced half hour programs, weekend specials and a brief stint as a sports reporter. For a while it felt like I was all over the map. But in retrospect each and every thing I did was perfect preparation for doing the weather. It taught me how to take disparate information, quickly analyze it and then be able to present it in a form that people can understand and use to make decisions on how weather will affect their lives. In some ways I still miss steve filming 5the ability to many different things. But I do get chances to do other things such as telethons and being an emcee. Certainly in that case you need to be quick on your feet, quick with your thoughts and quick to react when things don’t go exactly as planned. I guess in some ways it’s a lesson for us all. In some ways life is all about patience and persistence.