So I stopped in last night at Marcus Trufant’s Bowling and Billiards event raising  money for children’s charities.  I run across this guy who sounds and looks very familiar.  His name is Michael Wansley but everybody knows him for a certain song and a certain voice check it out.



Man does that guy have pipes. Kinda felt like an earthquake standing next to him!  Did you notice the Seahawk Mascot Blitz photo ‘bomb’ us at the end!  Too Funny.


  1. Char Blankenship

    Thanks for all the good you do, Seattle’s favorite weather anchor! Hoping you have an exceptionally Happy Birthday tomorrow❗

  2. Nancy

    Not only r u my favorite weatherman but the reason I never miss the 4 o’clock newscast. You and Mary r awesome together, but what I really love is when you wander up when there is food or drinks being demonstrated. The look on your face is priceless!

  3. Viviana Sanchez

    Steve, I am 66 years old and live in Bellingham in my 100 year old house I bought in Fairhaven back in 1970. You have been my favorite weather man since back in the day before we all had these smart phones to tell us what was up outside!
    I got my masters in social work at UW in 1996 when I was 46. I also believe in helping people believe in themselves like I finally did when I went back to college. I have had a great career as a social worker and helped 100’s of people believe in themselves like I did! You are a great role model and person. Keep on rocking!!!

  4. Mr. Pool we miss seeing you — and are wishing you a full and complete recovery. We are wondering how your treatment are going ? Are you comfortable sharing any information? You might imagine that your viewers are curious. Thank you.

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