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Television has been quite a journey for me. Frankly I never expected in to be in the business. I thought I was headed to law school but somewhere I got off track…or on track depending on how you look at it. I graduated from Tyee High School in Seattle where I served as student body president. Following graduation I attended the University of Washington majoring in Communications and speech. While still in college I hosted “Action Inner City”, one of the first programs in Seattle history dedicated to the needs and interests of minorities. I also received an outstanding minority student award and the Samuel Kelly Award for outstanding community Service and graduated in 1977…




I went to work for KOMO TV (ABC) in Seattle as a writer and subsequently was appointed to a reporter position.   In the mid 80’s I changed directions and became the stations lead weather forecaster after going back to the University of Washington to receive specialized training in atmospheric sciences from renowned professor Clifford Mass. steve gets into the weatherSurprisingly I found myself as one of the pioneering major market African American weathercasters in the country. I was featured in Ebony magazine, much to the delight of my mother and father who still weren’t quite sure about the whole television thing.  “Is that a real job?”…





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In the 90’s I began hosting the program Front Runners, a Saturday evening magazine show, which was soon syndicated in markets around the U.S. and the world. Front Runners ended its run in the early 90’s after becoming one of the most awarded programs in Seattle television history with nearly 100 Emmy’s. Over my many years of broadcasting my awards include: Seven Emmy Awards and several additional nominations, a Sigma Delta Chi Society of Professional Journalism award, New York International Film Festival Gold and Bronze Medals, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences American Scene Award, 2 “Telly” Awards, an Academy of Religious Broadcasting Lifetime Achievement Award, and I was also part of the news team that was the 2001 and 2004 winner of the Edward R. Murrow Award as the best newscast in America. In 2004 I was inducted into the University of Washington Communications Hall of Fame…






I had only been doing the weather in Seattle for about a year when my agent called with an GMA interesting offer. The folks at Good Morning America in New York wanted to know how I felt about coming in to fill in when their regular weather person went on vacation. To say I was stunned is a huge understatement.  My Answer? Not just yes but hell yah! So off I went…




childrens hospital auctionI believe the northwest thrives because of the many people who give of their time to help others in the community. It’s hard to believe but it was more than 25 years ago that I did my first Seattle Children’s Hospital telethon. Since that time I’ve continued to do it and the Miracle Season telethon, also for Children’s. I’m told that in the time I’ve been working on the telethon more than $55 million has been raised.  In addition my wife and I have a half-million dollar endowment there to provide funds for the hospital. Why do we do it?…




2010 seamag coverOver the years I seem to have gotten a reputation as somewhat of a fashionista. I certainly don’t feel that way. My main motivation is to make sure I don’t look like an idiot. However I must admit that in some ways I seem to be able to figure out what to wear that works reasonably well. I have been approached by a number of magazines asking me to do shoots. I am often asked where do you get your shirts? where do you get your shoes? Where do you get your ties? Well actually there’s no magic to it. The main thing you need to do is find something that fits and once you find something that fits get something that goes with it. Now I know that sounds elementary but often times I do see people buying suits just because of the color as opposed to the fit. Keep in mind that most stores will allow you to order a suit or sport coat from the patches of material that they have. So find something that fits and then get different colors of the same suit. It works for me. Oh and make sure the shirt fits too, especially the collar. And finally don’t be afraid to ask someone around you. Your significant other has a pretty good idea of when you look great and when you do look like an idiot .So ask! it’s better than walking out the door and having everybody think it but not say it.  Apparently someone in New York liked my advice and I got a call from the kings of men’s fashion…