If you’re wondering why, well at first it seemed like the right thing to do. But after that I began to see the results of what it meant to the people who received the help. Looking into their faces I began to see that this was more than just an academic pursuit. Real people shaking your hand or giving you a hug and thanking you for making their lives better, is an amazing experience.S childrens

There have been many other charities that I havetullys coffee assisted. I’ve had my own brand of coffee. I have become great friends with Hall of Fame basketball coach Lenny Wilkins, and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his foundation.  Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon and I did our own golf tournament which also raised millions of dollars for charity.

mp logoLenny Foundation
I can also say that even my own kids have gone to Children’s for care a number of times. The way they were treated just reinforced the fact that it’s a wonderful institution for everybody, including me. And most importantly you never know when you or someone you know may need the  help. Especially since the care is given regardless of the family’s ability pay!

Below is a list that I think includes most of the other organizations I’ve been involved with. I know it’s pretty voluminous, but then again, I’m pretty proud of it .


  • Emcee- Boy Scouts of America fundraiser (Supports minority scouting recruitment)
  • Emcee- The  Museum of Flight 75th-Anniversary  of the B-17 (Supports aviation education programs)
  • Emcee- The Museum of Flight Apollo 11 Celebration with Buzz Aldrin (Supports aviation education programs)
  • Program Host- Seattle Children’s Hospital Telethon and Miracle season Broadcasts.  (Supports uncompensated care program)
  • Participant-Ducks unlimited (Supports wetland conservation)
  • Emcee-Hopelink  Annual Fundraiser (Supports distressed women and families)
  • Participant-Lenny Wilkins Foundation (Support Odessa Brown Clinic)
  • Participant-Jim Mora Foundation (exercise programs for kids)
  • Emcee-Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation  (Supports families of officers killed in the line of duty)


  • Other organizations helped over the past 30 years include:  The Salvation Army, Seattle Mentoring, Youth Eastside Services, Boys and Girls Club, Poncho for the Arts, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Auction of Northwest Wines, Cystic fibrosis Foundation, and Red Cross, ALS foundation, Susan G. Komen, American Heart Association, Congressional Medal of Honor Society, Tuskegee Airmen and dozens of public schools.