It’s been more than a year now since my good friend and longtime news anchor Kathi Goertzen passed away.  There is still a sense of unreality about it but I’m learning to accept it even though I’m doing so on an intellectual rather than emotional level. The other night I got together with her family and friends and we wandered over to the Pacific Science Center where the kind folks there changed the colors on their arches from white to colors matching those of Washington State University, crimson and gray.  For the most part we just stood there reflecting not only on her but also the fragility of our own lives.  But on the other hand there was nothing maudlin about it.   If for no other reason I don’t think would stand for it.  She enjoyed having a good time. Kathy and her husband and children would often go on vacations with me and my was always about having a great time and appreciating each other.  Those of the things I will remember about her.  There was that smile, her love of a good practical joke, her barely passable karaoke of Patsy Cline songs and of course her rock solid performance on the air.  There was also the 20 years of hosting the Children’s Hospital telethon and the countless other charity events that we emceed together.  And one could not help but admire her fierce and yet spiritual battle against the disease that eventually took her life.  If we measure ourselves based on what we have done for others as opposed for ourselves, then at least in my mind she stands on a pretty lofty perch.  Eventually, as with everything else, some memories will fade. But  the impact she had on me and so many other people will remain crystal clear.  Rest in peace my friend


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