Okay I’m kind of a busy guy.  But everybody needs a little hobby when you do have a few spare moments.  Now I don’t talk about it a whole lot but I do enjoy taking pictures.  And many times after my friends see my photos they say to me “You should really do something with those.”   Of course initially I thought they were telling me that I should get rid of them.  But lo and behold, they actually thought some of the photos were pretty good.  So here goes. I just put up one of them here for you to check out. As you can see, I have a store where you can get framed prints.  So take a look at a few of  them anyway.  If you happen to like what you see you can pick up your own copy and I’ll be happy to autograph it for.  Or on the other hand you can just look at them and say. “No really Steve, they were just kidding you.”

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